books on marijuana health facts

The Pied Pipers of Pot, Pamela McColl

Children do not just fall into drug use but are rather gradually sold into the notion of it being a normal and harmless part of life.  According to the historical record we see fluctuations of use in marijuana rates by minors and that certain cultures and countries are highly successful at discouraging use while others have permissive cultures which coincide with greatly higher rates of use.

This is an interesting read and something all parents need to understand as they face an aggressive drug industry which has been working hard over the last couple decades to soften the minds of children and normalize drug use by applying all the guerrilla tactics perfected by Big Tobacco.  At least, arm yourself with the information you need to be able to have frank and loving conversations with your children before they are released to the wolves of this predatory industry.

On Marijuana: A Powerful Examination of What Marijuana Means to Our Children, Our Communities, and Our Future

This book is another essential read for parents who want to arm their kids for the bumpy road ahead full of lies and twisted conclusions that an aggressive pot industry wants to tell you children.  It is a series of essays and articles based on rational arguments against the movement to legalize recreational marijuana.

It shares the reputable science and facts that are so often ignored or suppressed by the media today which has largely become a supporter of the drug movement rather than an impartial investigative news body.