let's Clear The air on marijuana legalization

If you do only one thing while visiting this site -  watch this video.  It is essential for helping educators, parents and youth to help our most vulnerable next generation from falling into the pitfalls of the new "Addiction For Profit" industry.

Chronic State from DrugFree Idaho, Inc. on Vimeo.


Are you confused when you hear the media harp on about the promised panacea that recreational marijuana legalization will bring to society? It seems every paper you read these days, and every station you watch or listen to, has someone with some agenda making statements like:

"It's harmless." - "It's just like alcohol." - "It's safer than tobacco." - "It's my medicine." - "It cures my depression." - "You can drive better high." - "It's not addictive." - "Legalizing will eliminate the black market and make it harder for youth to access."

You may have seen a very different picture

Do you question any of these statements? Where can I get the full story, and the real facts about marijuana? Maybe you are saying to yourself, "Gee, really?  Is that true?  I'm not so sure. That just doesn't sound right."

You may have a child who got pulled into using today's super high-potency pot and experienced first hand the pain and grief it caused the entire family. 

Or maybe you have a friend, or a loved one, who sadly drifted away, consumed by daily usage, unable to give it up.

Maybe it caused permanent changes to their personality, their cognitive performance, their relationships, or their ability to hold a steady job. All of this makes you question some of these statements.

You are forgiven if you have a twinge of suspicion in the pit of your stomach. The media today really is biased when it comes to marijuana facts.  Sadly, the average person hasn't got a chance of digging up the truth.

So watch this video now!

Finding All the facts About Marijuana is not easy these days

It's not your fault.

It really is hard to find the truth about marijuana in US and Canada these days and it's because of a couple very wealthy billionaires have made it one of their life's dreams to push recreational marijuana legalization, and other drugs if possible. 

They have meticulously planned and diligently played the long game by very deliberately permeating the internet and media with a sea of apparent non-profit, public interest websites and stories that distort and drown out the real research and statistics that profoundly call all of their claims into question.

it's time to DEbunk the bunk

We will debunk each and every one of the marijuana lobby talking points you may have come to accept as truth with evidence from the scientific and medical communities, public statistics and even stories from real people who have been deeply affected.

Folks, it is definitely time to clear the air now on recreational marijuana legalization. Get started by watching this video now!