videos on Marijuana health facts and risks

It seems the culture has totally trivialized marijuana to be nothing more than "Just a herb, mon." 

Whether it is movies, radio, or virtually any form of media you find, you are more than likely never going to hear what scientists and medical researchers from around the world have learned about the mental and physical health risks of using today's high-potency marijuana.

Maybe you should take a moment and watch these documentaries.

the downside of high by david suzuki

This documentary explores the downside of using today's high potency marijuana and it's effects on adolescents.  There are tragic stories of how some innocent kids fell into the trap and the addiction, pain and suffering including examples of permanent mental health issues that were triggered.  This is definitely not the kind of message the pot industry wants their next group of customers to hear.

How Smoking Marijuana For a Month Affects Your lungs

This is a must see video.  A couple other things to remember about marijuana smoke is that it is dirtier than tobacco smoke (contains more tar), burns at a higher temperature, and is usually inhaled deeper into the lower part of the lungs and held longer to amplify the psychoactive effects.

Chronic State: How Marijuana normalization impacts communities

Chronic State: How marijuana normalization affects communities

This is a must watch for all parents, teachers, community leaders, legislators, and politicians.  These are the stories from people working the ground with no profit association to the pot lobby or marijuana industry.  They include people like teachers, home shelter operators, addiction centers and police officers.

Watch this important video now.

tell your children: the truth about marijuana

Author Alex Berenson discusses what he learned researching and writing his latest book, "Tell Your Children".  For those who are unaware of the links to mental illness and specifically violent psychosis, this is an eye opener.

dr. robert dupont, md on drug prevention

Dr. Robert DuPont discusses the importance of drug prevention and and how critical it is to share this message with teens.  Over 90% of drug addicted people started using drugs during their teen years.  Dr. DuPont explains why teens are so vulnerable in this ten minute video.

Dr. elinor McCance-katz, md. ph.d. - prevention day

Dr. McCance-Katz addresses 2,500 prevention professionals from across the country about facts and best practices to combat the crisis in mental health and substance abuse affecting their communities.