Marijuana facts these days are hard to find

Facts matter. They help form one's analysis of a complex situation or topic.  Typically your local newspaper, or media outlet runs a front page story about a rosy picture of how great life in your community will be once marijuana is freely available in retail store fronts on every corner.  It's curious why equal time is not given to the vast and growing body of scientific and medical research that is accumulating.

So that is why we have tried to make it a bit easier for your fact sleuthing pleasure.  Here are some great articles often buried on the lower corner of the fifth page of the paper.

what's all the excitement about cannabis derived products and cbd?

  • You hear it hear in the news almost every day.  Marijuana and its derivative compounds like CBD (cannabidiol) have been promoted by the media as a miracle cure for almost everything.  With virtually no enforcement by our public health officials on claims that can be  made, we find ourselves in a virtual "Wild West" environment.  More than ever, it is imperative for your health and safety, that you know the state of our scientific knowledge and what the latest literature states.  Here is what the FDA says.  You need to read this.

Canadian Living magazine Enthusiastically Promotes Using Marijuana To Its Readers

  • This major Canadian publication recently wrote a series of articles ranging from how to use the drug for the first time to presenting scientifically unproven medical claims and why it is time reduce the stigma of using it. If you are a parent and wish to try and teach your kids about the real risks of using today's high potency cannabis, these articles will show you how challenging that task will be when major magazines use their mass marketing and communication skills to paint a completely opposite picture. 

It's not harmless Says Neurology professor emeritus, faculty of medicine, ubc

  • What does a medical doctor who studies and teaches neurology at a world class faculty of medicine at the University of British Columbia think about marijuana legalization and the increased use among the public that will follow? Find out what a medical professional who has no financial interest in this industry thinks.  Read more...

What else did senators say during their debate of bill c-45?

  • It might surprise you to hear some of the direct questions that were raised by some senators.  Read a compilation of some of the most interesting speeches and see what you think about what goes on behind closed doors when it comes to moving proposed legislation along.  Read more...

Senator Anne Cools Makes A courageous statement during third reading of Bill C-45

  • Senator Cools uses her intellect and courage to respectfully parts ways with the group think that has besieged her own Liberal party.  She candidly expresses her own independent thoughts about her role as a public official charged with trying to uphold the principle of peace, order and good government when it comes to legalizing another addiction for profit industry.  Read exactly what Senator Cools said in the Senate debate.

Even senior government officials have trouble getting the facts right

Has the media's bias towards marijuana legalization compromised their duty to report all the facts?

An Inconvenient truth for canadian government marijuana law makers

Did you know?

Rise in fatal accidents by high drivers where pot sales have been legalized
Pot smoking boost risk of heart attack and stroke separate from tobacco
Public worried about high driving
Smoking for supposed medical benefits turns out to be really bad for you
Teen pot smokers at higher risk for schizophrenia and psychosis
Evidence emerging about marijuana and pregnancy
Heavy teenage use may lead to early death new study reveals
Canadian Armed Forces acknowledges one should not drive a motor vehicle for at least 24 hours following cannabis use